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Slide D-house was born within LOM Locanda Officina Monumentale and is located in an area of Milan that is entirely recognizable thanks to the highly characteristic presence of the Monumental Cemetery which defines a decisive dialogue with the building. The building, an old nineteenth-century farmhouse, was recovered by the Andrea Borri Architetti studio according to a sustainable approach, reusing the original materials and at the same time inserting elements in clear contrast. A restoration project that reflects the principles and values shared by D-house:
tradition, innovation and technology.

01 D-refashion lab D-refashion lab
è il progetto D-house
che si propone di risolvere
il problema fashion overstock
Go Project D-refashion lab is the D-house project which aims to solve the fashion overstock problem
Matteo Cibic 02 Knitting The Future Knitting The Future 3D Printing Meets Merino Wool Go Project D-refashion lab pitti firenze 03 D-refashion lab
PITTI Immagine Uomo
D-refashion in PITTI IMMAGINE UOMO Go Project
04 Knitting The Future
The Future
3D Printing
Merino Wool
Go Project

Slide 3D printing meets Merino Wool 3D printing meets Merino Wool 3D PRINTING ADDS ANOTHER DIMENSION TO MERINO WOOL Post AuManufacturing 3D printing adds another dimension to merino wool From Abruzzo to Pitti Uomo to recycle luxury fashion
Dall'Abruzzo a Pitti Uomo per riciclare la moda di lusso
Corriere articolo corriere economia D-house
Pitti 100: the Sustainability Style that makes the difference
Pitti 100: il Sustainability Style a fare la differenza
Metropolitan Magazine D-refashion lab D-house

Slide The new frontier of upcycling in Milan
La nuova frontiera dell'upcycling hi-tech a Milano
RSS Magazine
Haute Couture, 3d and digital design The craftsman of the future in the farmhouse
Alta Moda, 3d e design digitale L'artigiano del futuro in cascina
New - sustainable - life in stocks: D-refashion lab
Nuova - sostenibile - vita agli stock: D-refashion lab Sustainability D-refashion lab
Fulgar is in D-house
Fulgar entra nel D-house
La Spola