Slide D-house urban lab is the new venture of Dyloan group, created to bring innovation to the world of fashion. In the center of Milan, it is the place for meeting, training, innovation and sustainability, with a strong technological component and international scope. In D-house we create: D-house
research and development projects,
prototyping activity,
Academy training
workshops for professionals, clients and schools
special events in collaboration with our partners.
HeadQuarter D-house laboratorio urbano a milano

Slide EVENT INVITE EVENT Explore the Wool to Go Tailored knit capsule collection EVENT INVITE EVENT INVITE Slide EVENT WORKSHOP “Responsible Technology – Digital Embroidery 4.0 by COLOREEL” EVENT INVITE EVENT INVITE EVENT INVITE Slide EVENT INVITE EVENT INVITE EVENT D-refashion lab Press Day COLLABORATION Armchair Hanna Slide meet & match
Virtual Show from LINEAPELLE
Combination: future is now
meet & match
Virtual Show from LINEAPELLE
High Technology: future is now
meet & match
Virtual Show from LINEAPELLE
Functionality: the future is now
meet & match
Virtual Show from LINEAPELLE
Customization: the future is now

Slide What is D-house D-house urban laboratory is the natural evolution and the ideal showcase for all the experiences gained in thirty years of activity and goals achieved. D-house is a project by Dyloan, a manufacturing company since 1987, with the goal of finding new ideas and offering innovative solutions for fashion industry. Dyloan intergrates tradition and modernity using manual pocessing combined with the most advanced technologies.

Slide 10/5/21 Innovación, clave de sostenibilidad en la feria comercial Lineapelle – WWD
Knitting the Future. 3D Printing meets Merino Wool
Impresión 3D directa sobre tejido
CINET September/2021 3D Printing: A New Trend For Textile Materials
Slide 9/5/21 Wool applications expand into the footwear and home furnishing industries
La D-house de Milan collabore avec Stratasys
D-House collabore avec Statasys pour une nouvelle tendance de mode imprimée en 3D September/2021 3D printing meets Merino Wool
Slide 9/2/21 3D printing meets Merino Wool
Pitti PRESS Pitti 100: the Sustainability Style to make the difference CORRIERE ECONOMIA 7/8/2021 From Abruzzo to Pitti Uomo to recycle luxury fashion
Slide RSS magazine The new frontier of upcycling in Milan Corriere della sera 7/8/2021 Haute Couture, 3d and digital design The craftsman of the future in the farmhouse New - sustainable - life in stocks: D-refashion lab LA SPOLA Fulgar is in D-house
D-Press: talking about us

Slide Development Research & Research is a necessary condition for designing and developing new ideas, innovative products, materials and treatments. D-house aims to become a reference in the field of applied and basic research, to overcome the gap currently existing between the study phases and commercialization.

Slide D-activities D-house organizes R&D projects and prototyping activities in collaboration with partners and influential fashion industry stakeholders. In the milanese laboratory we also organize:
- presentations;
- meetings;
- conferences and events
with a view of sharing knowledge and approching and technologies.

Slide Technology Sustainability Innovation The three main assets of D-house, that comunicate and interact each others, within the laboratory, according to an integrated model, for the design and implementation of new products and services.
The urban laboratory is a true cutting-edge ecosystem in which Dyloan’s skills are integrated with those of the partner to give personalised and exclusive answers to customers.

Slide The mission of D-house Academy is to transmit the know-how of partner companies by spreading the knowledge of the technologies and tools used through initiatives such as workshops, dedicated events and seminars to a wide audience of students, industry professionals and companies. Academy The involvement of schools, universities, academies and research centers represents a fundamental point of the D-house project so as to allow the dissemination and sharing of research results.


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